That Just Happened

by Frak & DJ Rhymes

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the situation change when fraks in it,
practicing with none other zach bivins,
joining 2 geniuses like madvillain,
so we let it all flow like laxatives,
not an accident, when this cracker spit,
set my sight on the game and i mapquest it,
find the adress quick, relax a bit
cant tame me on some hagrid dragon shit,
im magic like abracadabra bitch,
this asthma kid attacking it,
ill wipe you off the face of the earth, biological pro-active shit
rap a bit, jacket zipped, slapping it,
gimee hella props like gay marriages,
spend my time popping pills like claritin
your a panicking mannakin lemee switch it up like annakin,
oh no its that jewish hungarian spanish guy,
and zach chopping beats/beets like a vegatarian samurai,
it knocks so loud, all the librarians have to cry,
its disrespectful so the americans satisfied,
the synthisizing, hits horizons, gets to rising,
sits in silence, treasure on the internet so kids can pirate,
white boy killing shit, is it surprising?
the voice of truth amidst the violence, in the mist of sirens and the fist of tyrants,
skip the science, this burst of light will split your eyelids as it hits the iris,
im sick of it, these rappers are ridiculous
im tired of rappers in chains, call me an abilitionist,
tired of rappers giggling, like they ticklish,
these hypocrites claiming flyness like a hypogriff,
im so fly with the wings of pegasus,
see i got concepts like edison,
but im still complex like oedipus,
you were getting slizzard, i was getting intelligent,
you eat too many luna bars, finish with estrogen
my rhymes should be crimes, consistent wetting it.
so my sentences getting sentences,
but they just framed me like mister leviwitz
you actors atract us but dont pretend,
beat you off the deep end while im eating wheat thins
word to lil b im a great cook,
and if u take a look, drop this a like on facebook


released February 18, 2011



all rights reserved


Frak San Francisco, California

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