Real Talk

by Frak & Nicky C

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released January 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Frak San Francisco, California

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Track Name: The Setting
Welcome my friends, I invite you cordially
Strap in as I paint a portrait of this morbid scene
White kids wishing they were the minority
Blasting out Odd future screaming fuck the authority,
Welcome to private school where life is so orderly, ornery
Students orbiting airs of superiority,
The same dork will join in on a Sorority,
Bearing an MTV reality show in her ovaries
And the same jock who’s laxing and maxing varsity,
Will end up constantly checking his account on e-harmony, OMG
Rappers sell their soul for a miniscule royalty
While an Atlantic manager kicks back with a Corporate fee
Just to be snapping clapping rapping and smoking tree on your TV,
Commercial time, Ads criticize your physique
Kids upload crazy shit on youtube to be Charlie Sheen,
If our shadow’s before us, how can we follow dreams

On this evening I’m seizing the heathens screaching,
All the teachas policemen even the activists and veagans,
Were all liars of eden, treason,hypocrits and leaches,
I’m the Allen Iverson I’m practicing what i’m preaching
The days are syrupy, the sky is turning burgundy,
Like the clouds were stitched up and had a failed surgery,
Emergency, emergency, absurdity, absurdity,
Were turning into mercury and burning with a third degree,
Sip Herbal Teas, at universities, discussing diversity,
While we travel down vertically, they’re burglaries for burgers, jeez
All for currensy, serve it all commercially,
Put sherbert in computer chips and poison in the circuitry
The government has us as mere children to their paternity,
Ignoring our screams of urgency, otherwise known as ferbering
So much uncertainty we have to turn externally,
But were worshiping a mime who can’t express it verbally,
The Birds and bees are circling, it’s all done perfectly,
We haven’t earned to see eternity’s anniversary
Track Name: That's Just How I Feel Today
Please accept my apology,
I’m a little too euphoric to be thinking logically,
how should I organize this happiness modestly?
what a day, I’ll tell you chronologically
Follow me, as I paint the day,
Pave the way for maydays to fade away,
Today was a great day,
I’m like Ice Cube without the drugs, cops or AKs
I woke up on the right side of the bed,
And I kept dreaming till no wrong was left on the right side of my head,
fist bumped my dad, Gave a kiss to my mama,
Nothing like nutella, cartoons and pajamas
The sun ignites my hunger for life a wonderful sight
My Facebook status had a hundred likes
Hit up Nicky C’s, wrote a verse to reverse lies,
Man the flow dispersed fire, got it on the first try
Hit up the homies and we laughing, relaxing,
Slapping some classics and freestyle rapping,
Open in the breeze and I’m feeling fantastic,
Coasting in the trees, I’m not even asthmatic
I laughed so hard I cried,
Its like the clock grew wings and dipped into the light sky the way time flies

The sun is going down, no wait,
The sun never goes down, the earth rotates,
So technically it’s always shining, the energy is always blinding, the melody is always climbing, no schedule or boring timing, just red and gold on the horizon, let it go and close those eyelids,
Arrived to the party, fashionably late,
Saw this girl across the room I gravitated,
Not to be cornier but her pupils and corneas had me captivated,
The euphoria, imagination fascinated,
Felt like we laughed for ages,
Had the hands of time faster pacing, (yes)

Part 2 (Dark)
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed,
chasing out all the right that was left there on the wrong side of my head,
My eyelids like magnets, I only slept for 5 hours,
I rolled out of bed, hopped into my shower,
Throw on my hood and I walk into the misty dusk,
What do you know? I missed the bus and then I kicked the dust,
Walk into class late, my teacher thinks I’m careless and pathetic,
Underestimating the situation, barely empathetic
She gave me a tardy, and told me I was hopeless
I sat down and started zoning and dozing and losing focus
The clock moving fast as molasses, trapped in this class,
My teacher asked for an answer and I bashfully passed
When people lie or try to impress, I’m sick of it,
But that’s ridiculous, I was just a hypocrite,
The flaws in my self are what I despise in others,
A reflection of the side I try to hide under the covers,
The traffic screaming at me, immersing me in loneliness
My pristine neighborhood becoming so monotonous
I’m hungry so I look into the fridge and jesus,
All we got are those god-damn spinach quishes,
Doing homework but I’m resting my pen, because my girl is texting again,
Oh no she said we’d be better as friends
But even my friends are accusing me of lies,
So I laugh it off until it’s bruising me inside,
So I’m smiling in discretion as I’m piling my aggression,
Take a giant and suppress it, through denial and repression
Maybe if I could just edit what I spoke,
Log on to facebook some fool is taking credit for my jokes,
Procrastinating, my mind swimming with eventuallys,
Exasperating, my parents had the nerve to lecture me,
Alex, you have to do the dishes, study for the SAT’s,
But how’s a test gonna measure my identity?
It’s like the elements are working together against me,
Spilling liquid out of my cup until it’s half empty,
I console myself, trying to be reminded of the pleasant,
I rewind it but cant find it cuz I’m blinded by the present,
My asthmatic throat is coughing and burning,
I’m yawning and yearning for sleep but I’m tossing and turning,
The darkness and doom is immune to the moon and clouds,
Feeling microscopic as my room is zooming out,
My dreams and reality are mending and blending,
Someone tell me when this nightmare is ending..
Track Name: Dynamic Duo
Nicky C and I are the dynamic duo,
Feeling fly as the sky or my high standing jew-fro,
Fan spread as wide as my wide spanning jew-nose,
The homies give us props and the hippies give us kudos,
They never seen Frak before, modern day matador,
Frak spit raps while Nicky C say attaboi,
Best white rapper, fuck a mac miller or macklemore,
Cuz I got genius bars like an apple-store,
Magical mathematical radical
Im out of bounds like playing basketball on aderol,
Rappers whishing they were real like santa claus,
overpriced like caviar overhyped like avatar,
Rappers thinking their flashy like marty graw,
Snapping clapping pop n lock, make me need a Tylenol,
Throw on a monocle split em in audible particles,
Turn em into fossil fuel, chop em like an artichoke,
Everyone can play em, they’re like heart and soul,
Kosherly kill em in battle you hear a Mazel Tov!
They take it out on me, I know why you hate bro,
Cuz I’m the greatest of all time, your scape g.o.a.t

Only kid chilling in the middle of a moshpit,
Watsup holmes? I’m Watson. Whatsup Dawg? I’m Gromit
Like Dilla and common sense,
RZA raekwon the chef,
Premo and nas the best.
His ego and kanye west
Like the Sundance kid and Butch Cassidy
Or butch lesbians and draggery, Or Amidala and Natalie
Like batman and robin,
Or pornos and bin laden
Big and Rob and
The shire and hobbits
Napoleon and chap-stick,
Spongebob and Patrick,
Picasso and a canvas,
De carte and an axis
Hutch and Starsky,
Lennon and Paul Mcartney,
Bonnie & Clyde,
Unforgivable guy and waffle fries
Gucci Mane and yellow, Chris Hanson & pedos,
Zoolander and Hansel or Hansel and Gretel
Peanut Butter and Jelly,
Closets and R Kelly,
Show n tell Kenan n Kell
The Radio and Adele
Ellen Degenerous and Based God
Pinky and the Brain, of course Catdog
All of that was just an extended wetaphor
But Frak & Nicky C bout to set it off
Track Name: Spacy
Catch the bus and on my way,
Just the beginning of a long day,
Peer out the window the sky is a calm grey,
Let my ipod play some tay zonday,
Arrive to algebra, listening to a lecture,
Looking up at my professor makes my neck hurt,
So I let my head rest on the table, felt like a dressed up potato,
The rest was just fatal.
Then I open my notebook and start doodling
Kobe Bryant canoodling udon noodles in poodles skin,
Trying to focus on introductions to functions,
But how can my mind function with this cerebral seduction?
Feel my minds suction, my craniums vacuum,
I swear I lost my brain in this classroom,
My notebook swallows me in a monsoon,
As I warp into the world of my cartoons,
Doing yoga and chilling in a pagoda,
Settling a debate between Gandhi and Yoda,
I’m at a tea party with waka floka,
Eating a chaco taco, with barrack chubaka,
Martha Stewart learning how to cook from Based God,
Talking politics with Tpain and Akon,
Spreading jelly on Rick Ross’ large belly,
Uh Oh I’m trapped in a closet with r Kelly
Shooting craps with Bieber in a barren slum,
Hooking up with Meagan Fox and comparing thumbs
As I hear my math teacher calling on my name,
I realize I’d rather be a drawing on a page

Oh no I’m too Spacey,
My surroundings just don’t entertain me,
My imagination is in HD,
Sometimes I gotta hit life’s escape key

Where in the world is Mr. imagination?
He’s absent in almost every class I’m taking
We’re calculating math equations, memorizing backwards statements,
Analyzing maps that’s ancient, all for college applications,
They treat imagination like an amputation,
Dissect it like a vaccination, eject it like an apple playlist, correct it like the baddest grade, infect it with their annotations, inject it and assassinate it, till your mind is bland and vacant,
They take your energy and grab and drain it,
So during free time, its mindless video games; procrastination
When were children, are brains are swimming with animation,
But through school it shrinks up like an arid raisin
You wanna be an actor famous, or a rap sensation?
Well that’s amusing till they laugh away your aspirations,
They take your spirit and they trap it in a hided basement,
So I zone out, and hop onto my flying spaceship.
Track Name: Can't Stop Talking (feat. R.E.N)
My tongue is like a treadmill
With a pilates teacher running on it faster than a windmill, downhill
My mind is like a hopeless puzzle, connected by an open funnel,
To my mouth which is a broken muzzle,
Then I release my thoughts and they drown the room in a soaking puddle,
Now I’m swimming in an ocean of trouble
He took it to far, he broke the bubble,
I apologize, but my emotions aint subtle,
They say Frak you crossed the line, I’m talking till I’m lost in time,
I swear I’d make an awful mime,
Some enjoy it, some say it’s annoying,
I should be a lawyer, at least work at a hair salon,
I can talk the walk, but I can’t walk the talk,
cuz whenever my tongue strolls it turns into a marathon

just a young kid with fascinating intelligence,
and when I tell stories, exaggerate and embellish it,
sometimes I miscalculate and I let it slip,
I wish my words were a document, and I could edit it,
I thought I only said a bit, but it turned to sentences,
that turned to paragraphs, then people would stare and laugh,
I didn’t give a care for math, but in English it was hard for me to share the class,
they're portray me as obnoxious kid, I’m entertaining arguments, they claiming that I’m starting shit, I’m saying what my heart omits,
The opposite of moderate, I’m talkative and confident and I won’t stop this shit until I’m told to put a sock in it.
And to the most ambitious of women, I wish you would listen, sometimes I just need to vent my opinions. That’s why I need a girl with the patience not be anxious with this dispositoion.
The instruments of my mental creating instrumentals,
I hear the choir singing in my temple,
My heads pounding with the percussion of a drum,
If I try to hold it in I get concussion and I’m numb,
So I let flush in and it’s rushing with a hum,
Now this music has erupted a discussion on my tongue,
They say Frak: all that chitter-chater is pointless,
But I’d rather be boisterous than voiceless.
Track Name: High School Party
In my white tee and my stunna shades,
I could party for a hundred days
Ladidadi we like to party,
Body to Body, everybody (c’mon!)

Private school girls are oh so ironic
Only discussing topics regarding their Grades and college
Wont be an alcoholic, in middle school they Promised
Gosh what will my Mom think, crossed by guilty conscious
A little peer pressure and now they drinking five sips
Off of the shots of vodka ciroca and Gin n Tonic
The results are shocking, as they’re living for the moment
And regretting it in Vomit with the sniffles and a sinus
The Bros are in their lax pennies on that beer pong shit,
So much bromance you woulda sworn that they were hobbits
Seducing some blonde chicks into prom sex,
The sober kid stands with his hands in his pocket
The ravers are bumping and humping inside a moshpit,
A couple cutty kids are making out in the closet
The stoners smoking Chronic, getting higher than a comet (catapolonit)
Lamping on the couch & Laughing at all of it

Sitting a top a hill, content within the silence,
Watching the San Francisco skyline and horizon,
A cipher forms around me and I start freestyling,
And everybody’s drunk so everybody’s rhyming
Feeling like yoda, sipping on Cobras
And if the cops ask this an energy soda,
Cracking jokes laughing I’m, walking past the jagged lines,
Baked like an apple pie higher than a sattelite
Draining the pressure put on by the school system,
A students to whores and heroes turn to villains,
And wake up post hook up saying akward turtle,
Boc choy at 4 am, my habits are nocturnal
Hungover Sundays, filled with secrets & regret,
I’m never doing this again, at least till next weekend,
Breaking ethical codes, as the chemicals flow
don't get arrested by po cuz I'm welcoming yooo to the
Track Name: White (feat. Watsky)
Just another white kid who likes to wear flip flops, packs snacks in zip
Locks, and fucking loves hip hop
Lets get historical this is how the story goes
Bout a white boy with soul waiting to overflow
Sean J & I were rapping , even though ya know
That they were black as night and I was white as morning glow
And our backgrounds were from different postal codes
Im so white they invited me to the Maury Show
And I stood in the middle of the stage, sandwiched by the group, looking
Like an oreo
They ask how this whack cracker be rhyming
When he blends in to the white wall behindem
I say I love words, I say I love music, so why the hell can't I combine em?
But you could hint that I was insecure
Cuz my skin color made me a prisoner
Embarassed for my priviledge, my parents and my heritage
Hid it beneath black clothes, arrogantly tinted it
Surpressed the white in me, put it in a hidden file
Not the first jew swimmin down the river of denial
On the Sat’s I had to check the box and brand it
And my moms from peru so I said I’m Hispanic damn it
They asked if I rap and it made me claustrophobic
So I said no, I’m a rhythmic poet
But then I’m freesstyling and the crowd is whiling
And im in my flow state so time is flying
And that’s when the pigment of my skin is but a dam mirage
And everybody in the room began to camouflage
That’s when I realized that race isn’t definite
The prejudices irrelevant, I’m accepting my Melanin
I’m coming out of the darkness and into the light
Im white and I rap and I rap and im white

White kid learns, white kid listens
White kid feels, white kid's spittin
White kid hears, white kid doubts
White kid just wants to let you know what he's about

I'm white, I'm whiter than a San francisco mist
I'm white, I'm whiter than the inside of a fist
I'm white, I'm often mistaken for casper
And I'm often compared to Eminem and asher
I’m white, I’ll greet you with a wave and a howdy
I’m white, you need sunglasses around me
I’m white, I’m the third leading cause of blindness
And I turn to a tomatoe in sweltering climates
I’m so whass iite I’m a cereal killer
To get the prize at the bottom, bring your cheerios nearer
So white I got caught for litterin’
Am I known to start beef? Ya while twitterin’
Maybe I don’t understand Wolf Gang or Wu Tang
But the spirit of the lyrics made my mood change
And my skin ain't too white to feel the frequency
Cuz I speak to hip hop, as she speaks to me


I'm aware that I'm very white
But I'm very scared of sterry-types
Because I'm white like Charlie Brown
But oddly unlike Barry White
More like Mary Kate & Ashley, I'm arian
In your forrest being white like the merry men
Strumming on a theramin, nerdy but I'm very mean
God pumped me from a machine at a Dairy Queen
Marachino cherry on top, Sara Lee
Not the type of whinnie you'd excpect to spit this caring scene
And I was born to white parents so someday I'll die a weird white death, David Caradine
Couldn't hang if you had a carabeener
Sometimes I wish I was a beaner, but the grass is always greener
When your ass is white, but I'm not a white ladies man
But I'm so white, that I'm practically Canadian
Track Name: Friend Zone (feat. Matty B)
Not enough room in this high school
I’m not a shy dude but when I’m around you
My Ja Rules and haikus are on mute
But whatever I don’t say, my eyes do.
Its like I plucked you out my dreams and designed you,
Your like Megan Fox meets Erykah Badu
Do you like her? Nah dude you high fool?
In my cartoons I somehow always draw you,
With the ladies I’m more smooth than Elvis,
But around you I’m David after the Dentist,
And when my friends sensing that I’m pensive,
I start getting defensive and pretentious,
Like she cute, but she ain’t that beautiful,
But I’m just mad that the feelings aren’t mutual
I silently move to the tempo,
But till then I’ll be waiting in the friend zone

At first she wasn’t down, I had to kick the dust and punt,
Tried my lines on her, but she broke down my front,
Trying to make plays, trying to make it right,
She said it was out of pocket and told me to take a hike,
Around her I was stuttering & fumbling,
Ignorance is blitz, she asked if I was rushing things,
Cant be MVP and get us a ring,
Other dudes that envy me, I was hustling,
didn’t need it all, I was cool with a field goal,
It’s not a cleat when I say she had a steel soul,
Drunk texting, she lateral’d the message,
intended for another girl, but it was intercepted,
She said you’d be better as a buddy Frak,
But it was always her, I kept running back,
Wide open, calling her from the end zone,
But till then I’ll be waiting in the friend zone

She told me that she’d rather be friends,
But that tan line is where morality ends,
And I don’t wana damage ya friend,
But maybe I want more, does insanity end?
Track Name: Priority
The wisdom of Voltaire the humor of Colbert,
Even on the playground, I was great at four squardes,
Get it? sixteens, spit it to get rid of thee,
But your dead by the end of the 4th, cedric digory,
You make it to six bars, it gets tripled
By the eight bar I ate your bars, like a snickers
Mhmm, satisfaction,
Multiply your girls bottoms, now she’s my fraction
Yo in fact this rap is mathematics,
My flow mean; its savage, your flow means, it’s average
Between the 9th and 11th, I know you’re fearing me,
But by the 12th you write it off as a conspiracy
13 bars I bar mitzvah rappers,
i write a passage to ruin your rite of passage
if you make it to 16, you must have earned it,
But you got no drive, aint even got a permit,
By the 18th you’re a man, but whoa dude,
Youv’e got hooka bars, I can legally smoke you,
You reach 21, no more juvenile bars,
The Truth is I can let you into my bars.

The one day in frisco where the fog cleared,
Me and chaz rolled through and they all cheered,
So wise fuck around and grow a long beard,
Throw out the marks, ya’ll get dog eared.
Our mission is to split em with lyricism rid em from mental prison give lenses for better vision
I’m Ending this bitter schism, injecting my criticism, tryna diagnose wack, it comes in limitless prisms,
See for two easy payments of 3.99
You can trade your soul for a chain that don’t shine,
We’ll throw in some hoes for a couple more bucks,
Side effects include being wack as fuck
Tell em bout the weed spot when you popped three shots,
And don’t tell em you ever were a police cop
You can cop a techno beat that sounds so hollow,
And tell us how you dance like the world ends tomorrow
You can brag, semi colon and a simile,
Like I’m the bomb bitch; middle east
Tell us bout the burden of being a star,
How your emotionally scarred, cop a hook from bruno mars
Tell us how your rich, and you love to buy things,
So soft probably repair a butterflies wing
Try to shock me into buying it with horrorcore,
But if its horrible, I’ll say aravuah,
you can scream how your starting a movement,
Or you can focus your opus and notice the music,
We bridge the gap between rap and poetry,
Even make a Kesha fan say OMG.
Hard to listen, the majority’s conformity
I’m just curious, what’s your priority?
Track Name: A Dream Deferred
Anthony lived in the suburbs,
And drove in to public school in the gutter,
Ever since an infant, he felt a little different,
felt a little distant, till he felt the rhythm,
Through the crates he found the hip hop classics,
Wu Tang, Illmatic, Ready to Die, Tragic
He spun the vinyl and listened through the static,
his mom came knocking he hid em in the attic,
He fell in love with the way the words and beats
Would perfectly adjust his brain’s circuitry
One night he opened up a diary,
Where he acquired the firey flows but kept it quietly,
He kept his verses beached like hasslehoff,
Till one day there was a school wide talent off,
He performed under the alias sir rap a lot,
But the fans wrote him off as another Asher Roth
They called him cracker, wanna be, wigger
As the whole room got suddenly bigger
And All the criticsm was internalized,
And the self doubt stung through his burning eyes,
The beats, obsolete, the verses aversive,
And he smoked weed cuz his passion was worthless,
He sold his records on the street of third,
A certain amount of distance in a dream deferred,

Alejandra immigrated at age 9
To avoid the cartels and escape crime,
A family of Mexican illegals
America seemed true as an Elegant Eagle
Their inherited freedom was as Precious as Sme agal
Affectionate people who were questioned as equal
See they moved to phoenix Arizona,
Where they couldn’t escape the people’s stares like Mona,
“No good aliens, drinking our Corona”
on her quest for diploma, Alejandra met Jonah,
At Arizona State they had the same professor,
And they’d sit next to each other at every lecture,
They evolved from study buddies to buddy buddies to
Lovy dovies to keep it cuddy buddies,
Cuz every step they wondered who would Discriminate,
Whether Chevy’s or Max’s on a dinner date
A Jew and a Latina? One has to assimilate,
But they just took their love and energy and would reciprocate,
Then Arizona had a new law instated,
And a reborn woman was alienated,
And he whispered goodbye in her ear,
Frozen; watching her train disappear,
The last time she was seen or heard,
A certain amount of loss in a dream deferred

Emery always loved arguing,
As he debated with the confidence of parliament
Giving his parents responses that were bottomless,
To be a lawyer was his goal for accomplishment
He was special in defending the innocent,
And mending the system with agendas of the quickest wit
And he found that opportunity in Hungary,
Where he was a lawyer and he made a lot of money,
But they called his educated family dummies,
Enough that he had to find a way out of the Country
See Hungary was invaded by communists,
Whose politics emptied its esophagus,
The hate and agony was absolutely foolish,
Hard to explain to a loving wife and two kids,
they escaped in the darkness of night,
Abandoning success for an Austrian life
A camp of exhausted families and refugees,
Waiting for America to bless them free,
And 2 years later they moved to New York City,
Where he bathed in poverty and self pity,
Cultural idiosyncrasies, he wasn’t a box carrier,
But it’s hard to be a lawyer with the language barrier,
But his wife needed rest and his kids needed food,
So he sucked up his pride and got boxes to move
Working hour after hour, losing his patience,
Saving penny after penny for his kids education,
They understood the struggle of a Hungarian,
So his kids became a teacher and a librarian,
And his son had me, a wordsmith of verses,
I never met Emery but I channel his purpose,
Cuz were both soldiers in a field of words,
A certain amount of hope in a dream deferred
Track Name: Pros & Cons
Theirs pros to hip hop but there's a Consequence
When blind rappers turn around and lose their Consciousness
And amidst all the swag lose their confidence,
Only rapping bout lettuce and other condiments,
Reproducing like they don't know where the condom went,
Contracted & controlled by the continent,
All their conflicts continuously contradict,
Too many poop metaphors man constant shit,
So I constipate, and I confiscate
And sit em down on yoga mats until they contemplate,
and I bring em to my temple and they congregate,
and the sermon tells em that they have to concentrate.
When they feeling themselves its so conceded,
If they're the truth then why do they conceal it,
But in context, there's no content,
Can't sit still or conjure any concepts,
All their material's watered down and condensed
More corrupt than a conservative congress,
If Madeoff made off & A.Weiner showed his weiner, if I frak'd a couple chickens should I confess? Nah
Nickname these new rappers the confederate,
Making ghettos feel so condescended,
They bout to blow? But no, they're congested,
Kill em off, concussions to contestants,
But I hope they're words and soul's convertable,
Cuz nobody cares bout your convertible
But if u wana conform for consumers,
Just call the one hit wonder conductor,
There'll be money ringtones and concerts,
But while you concur, I will conquer,
And hopefully hip hop will converse,
Classic like converse, that was just my con verse

When it comes to hip hop, there are pros and cons,
Positives and negatives for those who rhyme,
So everything that's spat to you is half the truth,
Lemee try to tell you with latin roots

Yes, there are cons, but there totally are pros,
When locally the pros spittin' poetry and prose,
Heroically we flow, hip hop's making progress,
When your patient with your creative process
And when you put your protons in your projects,
Not for profits, or gods prophets,
Not for proceeds, or promoters,
But to proceed like a pro's motor,
To uplift in a manner non-prophetic,
To keep it real and kill the autotuned prosthetic,
To relate, whether professin' or on probation,
And to free the mind, an independence proclamation
To spit it so crispy, procrastinate, To spin it 360 protractor's way,
To wipe the shit they bumping off the face of the earth, call it wack ass rapper's pro-active day
This pro is spitting the prohibition I'm pro efficient,
My proposition's to prosecute all this prostitution,
P romiscuous rappers are far too provocative,
Stacking provolone, 6 figure approximates,
But when w e protest like a protestant
And tell the truth, it's positively prosperous,
Now instead a cheese its protein and produce,
Choppin beets like produce in beats you produce
Lyrical wizards fulfilling the prophecy,
Ign oring the propaganda and the property,
Make it deep, goosebump inducing profound,
Make it honest, make your fiends and parents so proud,
Put your heart and soul in everything you pronounce,
In every pronoun, you can be a pro now

It's undeniable that hip hop's an art form,
whether soft or hardcore, what are you making art for?
Do you put your heart in your art and articulate,
or do you part with your arts and participate
Are you artificial? or is your art official?
you write articles? Are does your art tickle?
Are you artsy? Are you're an artist?
Or do you need a therapist like Artest?
Are your artistic? Or are you autistic?
Your art is fiction? Or your art is fact?
Do you suspend heart attacks with your artifacts?
Are your artists the sharpest and smartest?
Or are your artards dearly departed?
Are you Bartleby's silence, are you art or science?
Are you writing till you have arthritis
The heart of all the art is if you put you heart in it,
Or do you do it for the bread like an artisan
See this artistry though my arteries,
Got a semi-artoumatic; paintball artillery,
Art sounds, heart pounds, smart clowns, start crowds,
Hip Hop, wherefore art thou?
Track Name: Computer Love
The relationship was up and down, feeling like a seasaw,
So I wrote this verse staring at my keyboard
She slashed my heart, as she split it into snippets,
The ups and downs, smiles and frowns, shit had shifted
running out of options, she wanted to erase me,
I told her to return when she wanted to escape me,
I wanted control and command, but she asked for space please
couldn’t select all or press the apple a key,
Shot caps through my heart and put it on lock,
And made me feel numb as she dragged me off the dock
Although I was bold she was lenient like italics,
The audacity for capacity, it was graphic
Her vibe was telepathic, her aora like a magnet,
The body of an email with none of the attachment
Eyes were made of cameras, utterly panoramic,
Bossom was the internet, for perverts and their antics,
Mouth was the speakers as they blasted through the static,
Brain was the hardrive, memory photographic,
My language would damage and exceed her bandwith,
She wanted to be a star, but she was only an asterisk,

From the moment I logged on I knew it’d be long lasting,
I put her on my lap and I felt a strong passion,
When she was running low, I would be her outlet,
As I wiped her a tears with a moist towelette
Had my back wherever I roamed, like wifi,
Photobooth, I could see my past through her wide eyes,
She was an apparatus I could tell my status,
And she’d even listen when my friends tried to chat us,
We listened to the same music, she had my heart scanned,
And when I started one she loved my garage band,
She even helped me with my homework, word,
But we moved in quick time, then everything blurred,
I became committed, then I became addicted,
Too many secrets restricted encrypted
She told me I’m sorry but I need my space,
I said what? No one uses Myspace
I read her face like a book, it was obvious
tried to poke her, but her form springs anonymous,
So my love was aborted and exported,
I tried to her restart but all she did was force quit,
Then I saw that millions of kids were using her, abusing her,
cruising her, cloning and reproducing her
She was a PC, but she was from personal,
A generation obsessed with the virtual
Track Name: Stuck
He’s eventually approaching, as he gently tip toes and hits floors with gripped souls his lips cold,
And mentally he’s frozen, with jigsaws they disclose and withhold like fixed roads that explode,
And his energy is focused, till it was lost in the mist, and caught with a fist and tossed in abyss,
Now his identity is hopeless, the façade of existence in the falsest of bliss in a closet of risks.

I’m stuck between a cross roads,
A GPS can’t navigate a lost soul,
But honest, I’m really bad at decision-making,
I digress, with the process of elimination,
A giant, fork in the road has me sick of waiting,
I promised, to choose a path now I’m slipping on the slickest pavement,
I’m trapped, but I made my own prison cage,
And when I found my home it came with an eviction page,
They say two heads are better than one, but then I’m headed in the wrong direction sweating to the reddest of suns.
Track Name: Jimmer
Fraks on Fraks on fraks, they like yo frak,
You got more soul than Gandolf’s soul patch,
who your woman calling? Jimmer on the dial,
you got less soul than a ginger in denial
That’s balderdash, un-levened so challaback,
Catch me playing rage cage and wiping with my college app,
Sports sports sports sports, yell it till my lungs soar,
If I don’t win the swag bag im running to the gun store,
Let that boy cook, let it simmer baby,
Jimmer stroke from three, I’m yellin jimmer baby!

Whetetet swag swag swag brangtangtang,
Smash bang fusion, ya its dat smash bang smang,
Call me gabe mcloclo, punk rock twangtwangtwang,
Call me a bonobo, penis fencing orangtangs,
No homo,
Blow me like an obo,
Runnin from the popo
Cuz I fought some old folks,
Hoes on mah dick cuz I look like zorro
And I let that bullshit pass like torro,
I look like a hobo and yoko ono,
Lean like a cholo, that shit loco,
Im on the gold road like toto,
I need a video right now, slowmo
Got the crowd movin up and down like a yoyo,
Hoes on mah dick cuz I look like bono,
jimmer I be morman, Running though my hormones,
Cuz I got 32 bi=tches, and 4 hoes,
They get 1 and they need more like Costco,
Jimmer stroke from 3, in your ojos
I love basketball, game time, suit up,
Whose up? Too cut? Nah dude that’s too clutch,
Its like byu, when you’re career ended,
Cuz if your fckin jimmers bitches, you get suspended
Stroke it from halfcourt get bank like backboards,
Like frank gore, that’s dank, ya we back worts
The situation change when the worts in it,
Im on some mike Jordan korver shit,
Put a fork in it, till you forfeit it,
At least you had good sportsmanship,
Im on a one man team on some norbit shit,
Im ballin like bow-wow post orphanage,
And I dodge all the hate like morpheus,
Bring the orbits, organs, and orchestra in,
That’s a game changer, thas what we about
Shhh t t t t, shut your mouth
Im getting it wet, they think I’m a swimmer,
Left hand fredette, right hand jimmer
Track Name: Smoothie
Too many unhappy people, all the grenches are stressing,
Opressing their mental tension, Congestion into depression
Fencing all their aggression into the essence of pressure,
Speedin through life inception, without digesting a lesson,
Those who are hurrying, scurrying and worrying,
Nervously squirming with urgency like life is a tournament
You know the person whose worshipping at the services,
But their only purpose is turbulance as vertebrates
All they do is complain, bout the pain, bout the rain, bout the game, even when they’re on a plane,
Gosh there’s no room for my feet on the ride,
Do you realize your in a seat in the sky?
But you call the stewardess and weep and you cry,
throw my R Kelly on, I believe I can fly
Complain about the internet, complain about the weather,
so they go and smoke a cigarette and wish that it was better,
It’s like some type of disconnect from all the world’s beauty,
So now you’re just a silhouette of everything you could be

Take ya time and appreciate the landscapes,
Cuz roads are man paved, and time is man made,
And if you rush you miss all of the beauty,
So when life is juicy, ima make a smoothie,
Keep it sloopy, ima make a smoothie

Just like presto, that is my manifesto,
To manifest the zest of life until it’s fresh as pesto,
And yes I’m from the west coast, where were known to be laid back,
But even in San Francisco, people are he ctic maniacs,
But yo us, were just rascals who are out dark,
Learning all of life’s lessons from South Park,
rules and regulations , Too cool for limitations,
Extending the youth, bending the truth, of simulation
Around the crevices of town, I get worrying looks,
Hands blistered from work, faces buried in books,
And for the future, they forget about their present,
And looking back they’re sentenced with an empty adolescence,
Playing a game of numbers, religion, money and minutes,
Calculating until their vision’s muddy with limits,
Time was created by a man who was a pantomime,
Just a boundary on humanity, it’s black and white
You can’t be satisfied waiting on the afterlife,
Sacrifice good meat for your appetite,
when you die get ready for a brash surprise,
Actually don’t, you won’t even be half alive,
Too many people obedient to the median
Mixing life but using the wrong ingredients
My recipe is the missing key for nourishment,
Some encouragement, some learning and some flourishing
A dab of happiness a pinch of relaxing,
An accent of anything you find to be your passion,
An ounce of music and a whole pint of laughing,
And some silliness to combat the time that’s passing
So throw it in a smoothie and blend it together
And eventually time stops, suspending forever
Track Name: Shoes
Walk in my shoes, look through my eyes,
Feel my pain and tell my lies,
Identify and try to empathize,
I tried to trade shoes, but we were a different size

I put the shoes in line that were mine at any time since I was nine from Reeboks to Nikes,
As the shine of the designs were compromised with grime I realized these shoes to the dot defined me,
Lucid on the leather the weather I traveled through, the stressors I battled through,
My pleasures and altitudes,
Vivid on it’s skin the images I fitted in, an ignorant synthesis of my experiences
My Singularity caged in, Personality faceless,
my identity suffocated by the laces
Why don't you walk in my shoes, walk em’ a whole mile,
But I’ve been scrubbing my image as I polish my soul now
So how can you feel symmetry or any kind of sympathy,
If you don’t know my past or any of my idiosyncrasies,
So radar me and scan me and then label me and brand me,
But you’ve never had a dinner at the table with my family,
It’s the thin line where prejudice and empathy meet,
They even teach us how to judge on Sesame Street,
The judgments are coming till your identity’s bleak,
As a centipede of what they said you’re meant to be, see
I want to understand you so I glare at you and speculate,
Dive into your mind as I meditate and levitate,
I narrate your story, as I estimate and get it straight,
And then they shove the label in your face till you perpetuate,
See understanding is hand in hand with standing under,
The shadow manages, panoramically cast you under
Hey Dude, maybe we can trade shoes,
But you’ll never know me, and I’ll neve r know you

When I see those open toed shoes,
I think you shop for tofu at whole foods
And when I see those socks with sandals I assume your home schooled,
Champion at sudoku, and when feeling kinky on facebook he’ll poke you.

When I see those light up shoes flashing lazers,
I think you drink four locos and call yourself a raver,
And those DC kicks make me think you’re a rebel skater,
Who says, fuck the world, fuck school, fuck parents and fuck haters

When I see those nikes, I think you wear a white t,
Surf the web on hypebeast, and like to get hyphy
Those jordans make me think you listen to rick ross,
While you’re shopping at big ross, you dress for less like a big boss, and sports always makes you pissed off

When I see those vintage slip ons, I think you’re a hipster rip off,
Who buys typewriters, and hates mainstream sitcoms,
And likes to sip chai tea with a hint of cucumber,
And takes planking pictures to upload to tumblr

Those Flip Flops give off that chiller attitude,
Pass it split the hash in two, grass lit for your latitude,
Streaming my life is bro and it’s absolutely factual,
Cuz you rock lax pennies while spooning your laxtitute

Those high heal stilletos, impeccably thin skeletal,
Edible skin sensual, Falsetto singing Gaga,
At work you wear Prada, and in bed you wear nada,
So your’e eve and the devil, karma hotter than lava

And those uggs make me think that you’re a blondie,
With a juicy on the booty of your body,
You ride horse like a jocky until your makeup is blotchy,
You like music that’s poppy and you’ve never heard of Ghandi,

And those business shoes make me think you’re in tall building in a small sweet,
Taking dumps laughing overlooking occupy wallstreet,
So juvenile, if they’re in a suit, then they’re suitable,
Pondering in your cubicle their future is reducible

And I as I stare in your eyes, I yearn for something mutual,
Perhaps a commonality could make our lives fusible,
See if you were barefoot I would offer my shoes to you,
Unless they’re irremovable, unless I never knew the truth